Presaves at Songwhip

The most affordable pre-save solution on the market. Fans who presave will get the album added to their library when you release.

Until now there have been no way to create a Songwhip page for an upcoming release only for existing live releases. Songwhip prerelease pages allow you to create a page for your unreleased album giving fans the ability to 'presave', meaning when you release your album will automatically appear in their Spotify, AppleMusic or Deezer library.

Who can create presaves?

All Songwhip Pro users can create prerelease pages for any of their claimed artists. At only $6/mo Songwhip Pro is the most affordable presave solution on the market ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Creating presave pages

I spent a long time designing a flow that's as simple as possible. It takes just 3 steps to create a presave page. Once the page is created you get all the usual page customization tools to tweak things exactly how you want them.

1. Click the 'presave' button on the Create Page

Screenshot of 'presave' button on the Create page

2. Enter the exact name of your upcoming release

Screenshot of typing prerelease name

3. Pick your artwork

Screenshot of picking artwork for presave page

4. Publish your page

Your page is now live and can be customized further (via 'Edit page' action) or go ahead and share it with your fans (ProTip: Double click/tap anywhere on the page to copy the link ๐Ÿ’ช)

Screenshot of 'Edit page' button in action menu

Releasing/upgrading presave pages

Once your album is live on all platforms you're ready to 'upgrade' your prerelease page to its final live album page. The page link will stay exactly the same but the page will transform to show all the live links and all fans that presaved will have the final album added to their library. Be sure to only 'upgrade' once you're sure your release is fully distributed otherwise there's a risk not all fans who presaved will get the album.

1. Hit the 'Upgrade prerelease' button

2. Pick album (sometimes)

Next you'll be asked to tell pick which album is the final live album. If Songwhip only finds one album released in the last 30 days it'll auto-pick that one and proceed to the next step, so you might not even see this screen ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Screenshot of album picking

If Songwhip doesn't find any recent releases from this artist on Spotify it'll show the following message and ask you to paste the live album link.

Screenshot of no recent album found

3. Preview upgrade

Finally you'll be shown the upgrade preview page. Here you'll be asked to confirm the final live album and each of the links that will be used when adding to your fans' libraries. You'll also be able to see a count of how many fans presaved on each platform. Once you're happy with everything hit 'Upgrade Prerelease'.

Screenshot of upgrade prerelease preview page

4. Upgrade complete

Your prerelease page will be upgraded using your chosen live album and each fan will have the album added to their library.

It's been a lot of work to get this first version out the door. I really hope you enjoy using it and it helps your music reach more fans. You reach me any time if you have any questions or feedback - Wilson