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If you asked many Ghanaian rappers why they rap, they would probably answer, “Because of M3NSA” ( born Bondzie Mensa Ansah ).
Growing up in a family of artists, he was drawn to creativity. Following his brother’s passions, he immersed himself in Hip Hop, manga culture and the Ghanaian exciting music scene.
When he was a teen, he was expelled from school for missing classes to spend days in a studio. What could be considered a regrettable episode was indeed a middle finger towards the conservative school environment and the inability to nurture a creative mind. But thankfully, it kick-started his career.
Soon after discovering his love for playing and performing, he realised that producing was his gift.
As much as he dislikes being called a “conscious rapper,” his vision expands beyond the music, whether he talks about the need for better representation for African artists ( “Pull Your Strings” ) or the responsibility to use his platform to uplift his community.

His career spans two decades with a MOBO nomination debut album, production for the most prominent West African Artists, 3 Demon Albarn’s African Express Tours, playing music festivals and a dozen albums with his bands F.O.K.N BOIS and RedRed.

After receiving the PRS Open Fund for Music Creators and successfully funding a Kickstarter in 2020, he is ready with his next solo album, “Bondzie” ( his first name, meaning ‘speak up’ ), set to be released later in 2021 with a live EP and a documentary titled “a-Live.”

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