The quick guide to making and sharing videos for indie musicians online!

Jeremy from EditFrame shares some tips for how indie artists can quickly create promo video content

My friend Jeremy created EditFrame to help artists quickly make mini social promo videos. I invited him to explain how and why we might use it - Wilson

1. Add music to an existing image or album artwork

This might be the quickest and most versatile way of making videos to promote a release. You can use this as an Instagram post or even publish to Snapchat. Simply add your music or song to your image using this tool here.

2. Add music to an existing video online

This might be the most fun way to get creative while building a brand as a musician. You might already have some videos laying around to use, but you can actually make it seem like you have a super clever well crafted video with your music on it by finding a clip you like online - this could be a cartoon or a scene from Seinfeld or your favorite show, and simply add you music to the video. Here is a link to add music to your video here.

3. Add a progress bar or waveform to your videos

Although this might sound complicated, it’s not and really can give your video charm. Especially if you have a beautiful album cover or might have an existing video with your music on it - you might want to give it some more life and keep your fans more engaged online. Whether its a new release or you are uploading audio to YouTube, try adding a waveform or progress bar online here.

4. Upload your music to YouTube

We cannot stress this enough, but please upload all of your music to YouTube whenever you release your music or might have a back catalog of content. It is still by far the largest platform for fans and artists to connect, every time you do not upload your music to YouTube, you miss out on that connection. Make a video and upload your music to YouTube here.

5. Resize your Video

If you have an existing video, maybe its a music video or content recorded on your device, make sure you resize it so it works on all platforms and all aspect ratios. For example, if you have an existing YouTube video with 16:9 widescreen dimensions, make sure you also post a clip of it on Instagram which is 1:1 square dimension. Simply make sure you resize your videos and can use this tool here.

6. Make Memes Online

While it might feel silly, and you are asking yourself if you should be making memes as a musician, the answer is you should give it a try. Memes are part of the internet, they are a form of communicating, and a very incredible way to get your content discovered. But, the suggestion here is to make memes that incorporate your music - take your music, find a video, image or GIF and add some text to make a meme online here.

7. Turn your Image to Video

What happens if you don’t have any music ready to release or just want your content to travel further on social, simple, just turn your image into a video for it to have further reach. On Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter; images that are turned into video travel further, have higher engagement, and just outperform still images. Even turning a GIF into a video will outperform an uploaded GIF. So if you just want to get started with making videos, go ahead and try turning an image to a video here.