How fast is your music link?

Songwhip is now the fastest music link page in the market. Wilson talks about his obsession with performance and why it's important.

Songwhip has always been fast, but after spending two weeks tuning performance I'm delighted to say Songwhip is now the fastest music smart link page in the world! ⚡️

Performance report showing Songwhip is fastest

Songwhip can now render your pages in less than 500ms due to hundreds of optimizations under the hood. To put this into perspective I've run the same Google performance tests across the top competitors' pages to prove Songwhip is the fastest. I'm not going to spend time naming and shaming, but here are the reports 👨‍💻

Anonymous performance report
FeatureFM performance report
LinkTree performance report
SmartURL performance report
LinkFire performance report

In summary: if you care about speed, be careful which smart link provider you choose 🤔

But why is fast good?

Fast isn't just a vanity metric, it has been proven time and time again that faster pages lead to more conversions.

Walmart found that for every 1 second shaved off wait time they saw conversions increase 2%! For artists using Songwhip this means that your fans are more likely to stream your music as they're not going to bail waiting for your page to load.

This is especially important in the age of mobile where connections are often poor. We've all been on trains/buses with patchy cell service; fast/lightweight pages are far more likely to load than slow/heavy pages.

It's my job to obsess over these details to bring you the best product in the market. No matter how many features your page has, if it never loads or feels sluggish, fans are going to leave without ever hearing your music.

Performance first … shiny features second.

✌️ Wilson