Interview with Cmagic5

From an early age she took inspiration from her surroundings, today she’s a social media sensation with millions of streams

Give an introduction to yourself, how you got into music, where you are today, and where you'd like to be.

Thank you for having me! I believe music chose me. My passion for singing, dancing, and acting manifested itself when I was very little with me performing to a living room audience at the age of 5. The inspiration for writing songs was all around me and I had already started writing melodies at the age of 6 and began performing to a larger audience. I captured anything around me that inspired me at that age such as colours and animals and put it into a song. By the age of 10, my articulation developed as my thoughts and emotions matured, and I had written and composed my very first original song along with an EP in just a few days. The lyrics were very raw, pure and straight from the heart, which laid the very foundation of my debut EP titled “Destiny’s Calling”. My elementary school years were a challenging time for me, being bullied. It was during this time, music became my sole companion and opened up a plethora of avenues. I grabbed my acoustic guitar and dived deep into songwriting. This was the defining moment in my life when I knew that I wanted to pursue music for the rest of my life. Most importantly, I wanted to give back by inspiring others to feel the same magic that I experience through music. “Destiny’s Calling” was a basement recording that led to my future professional studio recordings. There has been no looking back ever since... I released my Debut Album “Ready to Run” in May 2021 which was a quarantine creation during the pandemic.

I am grateful to my parents who supported my passion and provided me with a strong foundation in the creative arts including dance, drama, and music as a child, and for supporting my musical journey all along. They have supported me thus far to pursue my education in music at a young age and today I am proud to have earned my credentials as a Classical vocalist from the world-renowned Royal Conservatory and am able to give back to the community as a vocal mentor to students of all ages.

Though we are living in unprecedented times, we always grow through our experiences and bounce back even stronger! I hope to go on tours and travel the world, hoping it would be safer enough to do so soon. I am also working on my EP which I will release next year and hope to connect and vibe with a much larger audience in a live setting again soon! I would love to see myself as an internationally recognized artist, impacting and inspiring a wider audience through my music.

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Tell us about your latest release, what's it about?

Dancing On My Heart” is a riveting party anthem inspired by the universally relatable struggle of moving on after a breakup when your ex-lover finds any opportunity to let themselves back into your life. I wanted to create something fun and playful, but also empowering and impactful. I wanted to write something upbeat that would instil energy and exuberate confidence into my listeners. The track’s infectious tune showcases my abilities as a vocalist by enabling my voice to soar through its wide range and emphasizes my soulful vocals through the melodic structure. I absolutely thrive on powerful beats and catchy melodies that are accompanied by my energetic and charismatic delivery. 

This track emphasizes the ‘moving on’ part after falling out of a relationship and the frustration that develops when you’re falling in love with the same person all over again, knowing they’re not the one for you (But hey, it happens!). It’s all about how my Ex dances on my heart like it's his stage and steals the spotlight. This can be summed up in the lyrics “I keep giving in and that’s my crime”. In a fun and playful way, it’s all about holding your Ex responsible for your inability to move on. It’s almost as if your Ex is your guilty pleasure. The track is definitely filled with lots of feel-good vibes, mature and clever lyricism, sassy undertones, and sugar-coated gooeyness that will surely get your heart racing and dancing while whining about your Ex trying to manipulate their way back into your heart! 

How did you record it?

I tracked my vocals at Noble Street Studios in my hometown Toronto, Canada. The songwriting process for this track was unlike any of my previous releases. It definitely is one of my favourites and showcases my artistic evolution. As my Debut Album was entirely self-written and self-composed, this was the first track that I collaborated on with established songwriters. Also, it was written entirely through one zoom session! Aside from some technical glitches, the writing process was smooth sailing, and it was a blast jamming out with my producers over zoom. It was incredibly refreshing to be able to bounce ideas off each other and get into each other’s headspaces, rather than solely listening to and recording my own thoughts. It was a perfect opportunity to feed off the creative chemistry with my collaborators, and vibing with the positive energy in the room was very liberating. Although it was all virtual, it felt like an in-person session! Once we started to kick around some ideas and throw words into the air, “Dancing On My Heart” was conceived! 

How did you distribute it?

As an independent artist, I decided to proceed with my regular distribution service as I believe they would be able to enable me to reach a wider audience worldwide in a more impactful way.

How did you promote it?

This time I wanted to go all out. So instead of just restricting myself nationally and regionally, I took the next step and reached out to a wider audience globally. I am glad I did and am happy to share that the song was well received and garnered 2Million views on TikTok in the first two weeks of its release with over 250+ videos of fans dancing their hearts out to the song. I couldn’t be more grateful, blessed and elated today. The #dancingonmyheart was also the #1 trending hashtag on Twitter on the first day of the music video release! I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love seeing my fans and listeners connect with my music at a personal level. 

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The music industry is in a state of flux right now, where do you see it heading?

Yes, for sure, the industry is expanding and diversifying at a rapid rate. Although we were smitten by the pandemic in 2020, it opened up a plethora of online streaming avenues for artists, producers, musicians and creators. Creators could not create music from the comfort of their homes. This has unlocked the vast potential of artists who can upload and put their music out there across multiple social media platforms, reaching and wowing fans in every nook and corner of the world. There has been a shift reducing the dependency on labels and A&R companies. Talented artists can expand their reach and be discovered swiftly. With this shift in gear, everyone is on the fast track and it is becoming increasingly accessible and competitive. And now slowly and gradually opening up, the music industry is bound to flourish with 2022 getting ready for more live performances and shows. The fans and artists alike couldn’t be happier!!

What's one way you think Songwhip could help indie artists more?

I am so grateful that platforms like Songwhip exist today to support independent artists. I recently discovered Songwhip and believe it is an excellent tool to organize various streaming platforms on one landing page for the whole world to be able to access your music. It is definitely something all indie artists should take advantage of! To provide further support for Songwhip Artists and differentiate against other platforms, Songwhip could create a playlist on Spotify if they haven't already done so, and include the new singles of all Indie Artists who use Songwhip! This is a great way to establish a community of like-minded individuals, leading to long-lasting relationships in the industry! 

Which artist do you look up to the most and why?

One of my greatest musical influences has always been Nina Simone. Her voice, style of music and work ethic have all inspired me to be the greatest musician I can be. One of her most successful songs, “Feeling Good,” was the first song I began to perform in front of large live audiences. The more I sang it, the more I began to discover my true abilities as a vocalist. The profound response from the audience motivated me to think of my art as a career and hone my craft even further. My other musical influences are Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Toni Braxton.

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What artist tools/services can't you live without?

I absolutely cannot live without my voice memo application! The inspiration kicks in at any time and place, which means I always need to be ready to record any melodic or lyrical ideas! My favourite, yet most annoying experience is when I get a cool song idea in the middle of my shower! I immediately run out and anxiously look for my phone to record it before I forget, despite being soaked from head to toe! 

What is your advice to other indie artists to help fund their work/produce music?

I try to encourage artists to be their most authentic self always! Yes, for sure be inspired by successful artists around, but share your own light with the world and embrace what makes you unique. Always remember to take care of yourself as an individual first, then as an artist. It is important to never give up no matter how challenging things can be and to stay focused. Never let anyone stop you from doing what you love, including yourself.  Pursue your passion with every penny you can save up. Stay hungry for your dreams, and make them happen!

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Anything else you'd like to plug?

Yes, for sure, Dancing on My Heart is really special to me as it involved collaborating with top producers and writers. Sonically, vocally, and creatively, it takes my brand Cmagic5 to a whole new level. This track with its distinguishable title, stylistic and candid vocalization, and powerful lyricism is sure to allure with a compelling listening experience. 

Coming out of lockdown, it was exhilarating to release the official music video for my new single, filled with high energy and dynamics. I can’t wait for the viewers to watch the music video which promises a fun-filled performance with a passionate, feisty swagger and eye-catching visuals. It showcases my love for fashion, dance and acting! 

So, put on your dancing shoes and step up right here:

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