Interview with Anna Jane Jackson

Captivating LA-based Indie artist opens up to Songwhip about her musical journey, latest release and future goals

Give an introduction to yourself, how you got into music, where you are today, and where you'd like to be.

Of course! I was born in Connecticut, and because of my family heritage, I'm a dual US/EU citizen. Growing up, my family moved around a lot due to my dad's airline job. We ended up in Los Angeles pretty early on, though, and because of my creativity and environment, I ended up getting involved in the entertainment industry. I started acting at age 7, and later I picked up a guitar and started writing songs and singing! When I was a teenager, I was in a country-Americana band with my brother and a couple of his friends. That was really fun; I think my love for music and songwriting just continued to grow. It's really an outlet for me, and I hope to continue to sing and write/compose for myself and also with others.

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Tell us about your latest release, what's it about?

My latest release is called My Home. I wrote it for the soundtrack of a movie. So, some of the songs are interwoven with aspects of the script and character dynamics. But it's mainly about feeling like you can't move on from a relationship, and it's the end of the world. Haha. It can be hard to find that person who feels like your hometown. I wanted it to have this nostalgic seasonal feeling to it.

How did you record it?

I recorded it in North Hollywood with producer Alex Knox Harris. I remember meeting up with him for the first time and being so impressed by how he's able to conceptualize and put down tracks. I was like "You're a wizard"! But recording it was simple enough; we wanted to make sure the song sounded as much as my original demo as possible.

My Home album cover art

How did you distribute it?

I distributed independently through TuneCore. I know that nowadays there are so many different platforms, so I wanted to assure you that everybody can listen regardless of where.

How did you promote it?

Having it be the soundtrack of a movie helps a lot! As far as my initial release, I did want it to be a little more low-key and natural. Because the song kind of speaks for itself. I made the song available for pre-save and pre-order a week before release. My friends were very supportive.

The music industry is in a state of flux right now, where do you see it heading?

Right now I feel like we're all seeing the rise of self-made songwriters. Artists are more vulnerable than ever with their audiences, and that's the new standard. Because of social media, really anybody can put themselves out there and promote their music without a label, and I think that's very empowering for artists who wouldn't have an opportunity otherwise.

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What's one way you think Songwhip could help indie artists more?

More features like this! I think it's amazing how you guys feature artists and help them promote their music and brand. Not only through hyperlinks obviously, but through social media and interviews!

Who's your favourite indie artist? If you could ask them one question, what would it be?

Oh gosh. Phoebe Bridgers. Is she even indie anymore? I guess I would inquire more about the inspiration behind her art. Her themes and melodies are so intriguing. But honestly, my favourite thing to do is find new upcoming artists/songwriters and songs on Spotify.

What artist tools/services can't you live without?

Songwhip makes it easy for my listeners to choose wherever they want to. It's awesome how easy the service makes putting all the assets for a song into one link.

Anna Jane Jackson

What is your advice to other indie artists to help fund their work/produce music? 

Collaborating with like-minded creatives is the way to go! You have to start somewhere. I say if it's something you're really passionate about you've got to make it work. Posting covers on social media really helped me along the way, with people/producers reaching out and wanting to work on something together. You really never know who's going to see your stuff. So keep creating. And you have to believe in yourself enough to invest in your vision as well.

Anything else you'd like to plug?

I came out with another song earlier called Bittersweet Love! It's available everywhere! As well as a lyric video. That song was a lot of fun.