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Emerging artist Victoria Dennis is an eighteen year old pop/r&b singer, songwriter, and drummer based out of New York, NY. She has been singing and performing since the age of seven on stages like, The Apollo Theater, The Gramercy Theater (Bomb Digz tour opener 2019), MSG, The Red Bull Arena, and many more. Victoria discovered her talents at a very young age, hence she went through multiple years of school aged bullying.

Dennis is now an anti-bullying ambassador and wants to be a "light" for her supporters in the sense that she wants them to know they are not alone. Being a victim herself, she turned to writing music that others can relate to, to heal and overcome the challenging years. She wishes to inspire others to never give up on themselves or their dreams. Dennis quotes, "Take your negative and make it positive!". Victoria uses music to express things she would normally never say out loud.

Music is her escape to a different place where there are no limits and endless possibilities. Vulnerable and honest are words to describe the way Victoria writes. Keep your ears open for new music coming soon and a debut EP in 2021.

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