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theMVP is truly an artist that displays resilience for life. Born and raised in the working-class state of Rhode Island, the early life for theMVP was a downhill ride with the brake line cut. Known as a battle rapper and a non-stop freestyler that had to be pulled away from the mic. Although the hunger and skill was evident issues with the law, drugs and alcohol, money, keeping a job, and having a place to live kept this MC from being able to fully focus on hip-hop. After back to back life changing events in 2008 theMVP made a decision to change the way he lived, these life changes relocated him to Miami, FL. However, the attempt to blend into "normal lifestyle" and pretend he could live and function in Corporate America drove theMVP into a massive relapase on drugs and alcohol, which ended with him in rehab 2 times. After getting discharged from rehab in 2018 theMVP was attempting to build a independent business, after a meeting with a local film artist, he played a instrumental beat he made for theMVP to show him, this turned into a freestyle session that impressed the artist, the freestyle landed theMVP a spot in a local studio in Richmond Heights neighborhood of Miami. After recording 30 demo songs theMVP took the songs to many professional producers to turn them into official songs. After inspiring Yeyo787 owner of Trapical Music, grammy nominee and ASCAP awarded artist, the two teamed up to make theMVP's debut album Blood on the MIC.

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